It's Time to Acknowledge My Membership in The Cool Kids Club

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It's Time to Acknowledge My Membership in The Cool Kids Club
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This month, I'm marking 4.5 years of actively developing software. By mid-2018, I managed to complete an actual Computer Science degree, and start developing backends and microservices in Python.

That's a lot of fun!

My problem was that something in my mind always wanted to make a complete separation between my day job and my creator's journey. I would write about content creation, writing, etc.

Everything but my learnings from work.

From time to time I'll entertain the idea of writing about coding, but then doubt would creep in and I'd rethink the idea because "who am I to write about coding? I'm not an expert."

Thankfully, I've seen the light and today that changes.

Documenting My Journey

Precisely because I'm no expert, documenting my journey is becoming an incredible task. A year from today, I'll be able to look back on this blog and say, wow - I learned so much!

And, I've also added a comments plugin to this site so you can ask questions and I can improve the articles I publish here if for some reason they are clear only in my head.

The Software Developer's Expertise

They say that if there's one thing that developers are really good at, it's googling. But I'm going to take that one step further - the best stackoveflow answers rely on concrete data sources like documentations and official communications. Those are the resources that make the articles that I'll post here so enriching because you can easily follow my train of thought and see the reasoning behind the decisions I made.

My experience in writing for over a decade, coupled with my experience of coding for the past 4.5 years create a combination that results in better, clearer content for you, the reader, who may find this on Twitter or Google (or Medium).

Let's Get Started!

I'm so excited to start sharing lessons! My goals in the coming weeks are to dive into front-end which I've miserably neglected over the years. Yes, I know HTML. Yes, I know some Javascript - but CSS? Not a clue how to make it all come together.

It's easy to search how to style a specific element. But I'm missing the bigger picture of how to bring it all together under a nice overarching style. There's a lot of room for improvement! The concrete goal I'm working towards is building my very own Ghost theme.

I'm on GitHub Too!

I'm going to share my learnings on Github too! I intend to make public repos of stuff that I practice on. You can follow me there by clicking this link.

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